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Scientific literature: Manage & Read Everywhere

Multiple tools exist for managing and reading scientific publications with open source and standards in mind; only Zotero, JabRef and others remain.

Manage and read everywhere related to PC/Tablet/Phone, but for an easy solution with Zotero, you need a paid subscription if you exceed 300MB of online storage, which I do.

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Docker a nice tool for developers

Docker is the world leading software containerization platform. I tried using GitLab as versioncontrol system and Jenkings as continuos integration system but the system turned out as not completly useful.

In that way a colleague told me about a system he wants to create based on Docker.

What we want:

  • a git system under ouer control
  • a continuos integration that is flexible and customizable
  • every system available per SSL connection

Git Service -> GoGs – Go Git Service

It’s a simple self-hosted Git servise.

  • easy to install, cross-platform, lightweight and OpenSourse

It contains everything importent to develop something in collaboration.

Continuos Integration -> drone

It’s a continuous integration platform build on container technology. Every build run will be triggerd by a push to a repository if it’s linked to drone.

  • flexible and customizable: by setting up a config file you tell drone what is to do

SSL -> NGINX as reverse proxy

It’s a fine powerfull tool and a nice reverse proxy. With it we are able to provide the GoGs and the drone to the internet more secure and with SSL encryted.

We will colleced the SSL/TLS certificates from a Let’s Encryt service.

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Drei (3Österreich) und ein offenes Internet…

Die Verwendung eines Internet-Zugangs über Drei ( / Hutchinson 3G) mit den DNS von Drei kann zu manch Überraschung führen. Gesperrte Webseiten und bei fehlerhaften URLs wird einem gleich durch eine von Drei zwischengeschaltete Seite “geholfen” – inkl. Google Analytics. Netzneutralität ? User-Enscheidung ?

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Citrix ICA (Receiver) 13.1 unter Fedora 20 (64Bit)

Der neue Citrix ICA 13.1 (Oktober 2014) bietet zahlreiche Neuerungen und ein verbessertes Linux-Setup. Jedoch wird kein rpm-Paket für 64Bit RPM-Distris angeboten – das *.tar.gz-Setup-Paket bringt die Lösung mit etwas “Nachhilfe”. Warum Citrix jedoch ein 32Bit RPM anbietet und keine 64Bit bleibt für mich ein Rätsel…

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