Lakka 2.0 – Retro-Gaming

It’s has been a long time since I had time for some useful and useless stuff. So we (isticktoit) found some useless stuff on Heise open: A Linux Retro-Gaming distribution and thought about bringing some old stuff up to ‘waste’ some hours.

4:3 on a FullHD TV and pixels

In this case I tried the new release of the Lakka distribution, which is mostly for Retro/Emulator-Gaming. It contains a lot of emulators from Atari up to PlayStation and Nintendo.

Lakka 2.0 – Retro-Gaming weiterlesen & QGIS: How to get a sharp picture of Austria (Update)

Using the WMTS-Service in ESRI ArcGIS Pro (v 1.4) and QGIS (v 2.18) I discovered some differences in the display-quality of the WMTS-Service in both programs – while was a beauty in ArcGIS Pro, the display-quality in QGIS was not that smooth… (@same extent etc.) QGIS versus ArcGIS Pro & QGIS: How to get a sharp picture of Austria (Update) weiterlesen