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Kubuntu 22.04 on Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G3 ACL

The Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G3 ACL is a well equipped device with a Ryzen 7 CPU and decent built-quality. The keyboard has a backlight feature, but not the quality and key drop a typical ThinkPad keyboard has – and the typical ThinkPad Trackpoint is missing 🙁 Installing Linux (Kubuntu 22.04, Kernel 5.15) works well if there would not be the Realtek RTL8852BE WiFi with integrated Bluetooth.

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Fedora and QGIS-Flatpak – LTS versus recent version

Just for fun I gave Fedora and Gnome with version 34 a try again 🙂 One of the first things to do as a geoscientist has been the installation of QGIS… because of the not always up-to-date repo versions (and COPR), I selected the Flatpak-version… but got 3.16 LTS alltough I expected it to be 3.18.2 :-/ What I did not know, Flathub encapsulates 2 versions in one “Repo”.

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R (rlang) and Plots everywhere

Data science and Jupyter notebook can sometimes get exhausting. What about debugging, version control, code reviewing and so on. Coming from a Software Engineering background it‘s like losing 50% of the stuff you were used to.

To mitigate those problems I recently partially switched from Python to R with many improvements. For local Python coding, JetBrains PyCharm is my tool of choice and Jupyter notebooks for remote coding. With R it is RStudio Desktop and for remote, there is RStudio Server, which is almost like the desktop version within a browser. This allows one to develop and analyze data from any device with a browser.

R-Studio Server with running R-Notebook sample

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Base Installation of Arch Linux + Good to Know


If you want to install Arch, everyone tells you that you should read the installation guide. The second thing you may hear is that you should read the installation guide and that you have to follow it step by step. That also has a short name RTFM – Read The Fucking Manual – and stick to it – no joke.

Make backups before installing Arch Linux. 😉

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