Citrix receiver 13.2 (ICA) on Fedora 22 (KDE)

So, once again the good old problem of installing Citrix receiver on a new installed Fedora 22 (KDE). This time I was surprised getting a really new Citrix receiver dated 30.6.2015 (today is the 1st of July). And surprise: No rpm-package 🙁

Be aware: This time using the tar.gz-Package was no pain in the neck – everything went smooth and straight forward 🙂

The steps:

1)  Download the tar.gz_package from

2) Extract it and run the “setupwfc” in your extraction-directory in Terminal

[XXX@localhost]$ sudo ./setupwfc
3) Follow the instructions…
4) Afterwards I checked the dependencies with ldd in the installation-directory
[XXX@localhost ICAClient]$ ldd wfica
To my surprise all dependencies were fulfilled – for details have a look at this article installing 13.1 on Fedora
Maybe because I already had installed most media codecs and so on.
5) I checked everything in Firefox on my Citrix receiver App portal – and before I activated the Citrix PlugIn in Firefox
… Everything worked – I just had to install my Certificate (PEM-File) and change the Receiver keyboard layout in wfclient.ini to GERMAN.
  • Install CA Certificate: Here… (at the end of the entry)
  • Change keyboard layout in wfclient.ini: Here…