Fedora 22 / KDE USB-Tethering with Mobile (Android)

Just yesterday I wandet to use my mobile (Nexus 5 / Android 5.1 CM 12.1) for connecting to the internet on my notebook (Fedora 22 / KDE Plasma 5). Connecting it via USB and activating USB-Tethering did something in network manager – but did not connect 🙁

I recognized a change in the network-manager symbol, but had no connection (in KDE4 it always just went online). Having a deeper look with network manager command-line I saw that network manager recognized the device 🙂

nm-cli  command used:

nmcli -f all device show

The solution was simple:

Add a new ethernet connection in network manager and just set your mobile (device id is listed in nm-cli status) as the device for the connection. And it worked fine for me.


The screenshot shows the output of the nm-cli-command and where to set the device for the new ethernet connection (Sorry! german interface).

Reference: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1246658