Citrix ICA receiver – black box around mouse-cursor :-(

The last weeks using Citrix ICA (receiver version 13.1 Linux 63bit) showed depending on the used application an annoying black box around the mouse-cursor. This behavior can be stopped easily – 2 solutions worked for me…

Black box around mouse cursor Citrix ICA Linux
Black box around mouse cursor Citrix ICA Linux

Solution 1:

  • On the application server or remote PC (when using MS RDP via Citrix) disable mouse-cursors with shadows 🙂 Just use the simple ones (the problem seems to be the alpha-blending used for the shadow). I changed the mouse-pointer schema to “none” and the problem was gone.


Solution 2:

  • If you don’t want to or can’t change the mouse-pointer schema on the app-server or Remote-PC the problem can also be solved by a small setting in wfclient.ini on your “receiver-PC”. This solution worked for me too.
  • In /home/USER/.ICAClient add the following line in your wfclient.ini: