DDG – DuckDuckGo cheats

DuckDuckGo(DDG) is a search-engine like Google – but it respects privacy of its users. I really enjoy using DDG, last but not least because of the “bang-commands”.


!Bang – Commands

DuckDuckGo (DDG) offers direct search access to hundreds of usefull websites and their native search-functions

Let’s start: Type “!” in the DDG-searchbar and you will get some hints


  • Example 1: “!so qgis” will direct you to StackOverflow and perform a search on “qgis” 🙂
  • Example 2: I’m looking for the book “Die Taschen voll Wasser” – just do a direct search via DDG on amazon.de: “!amazonde die taschen voll wasser”
  • Example 3: Have a look on LEO what’s the german meaning of “pushing up daisies”: !leo pushing up daisies”

Whatever your daily work and interests are – you can “bang” hundreds of sites/references/… All commands on https://duckduckgo.com/bang.html

 Admins, Linux&Network cheats

  • What does chmod 557 mean ? Just search “chmod 557” 🙂


  • Generate a random password with length 8: password 8 strong



… more soon

More background on DDG you will find here