HP Elitebook 745 G2 (AMD) – Reports no BIOS-Update to 1.48 available

Altough the HP Elitebook 745 G2 (AMD Hardware) has some age, it’s a nice working-tool with good built-quality and mine works fine after 6 years intense use. BUT: HP reports the most recent BIOS versioned 1.48 – the BIOS internal update tool reports no update available based on V 1.44

“Accidently” I visited the HP Download page for the 745 G2 and catched sight on a newer BIOS version (1.48). Regulary running the BIOS-implemented Udate tool stopped reporting new versions with 1.44 (“You are up-to-date blabla”).

Doing it manually

Thanks to HP, Linux users don’t need Windows to do that – the BIOS has an option to update manually from a flash-drive 🙂

  1. Download the most recent BIOS version for 745 G2 (should be 1.48 from 2018)
  2. Extract the files and copy them on a FAT32 USB-Drive – with some rules:

So the folders on your stick should look like this (level beneath Hewlett_Packard):

  1. Enter your BIOS and choose BIOS Update via local media
  2. Start the Update progress