Fedora 24 QGIS 2.14 hurdle race

As a QGIS-User on Fedora-Linux I was at first happy having QGIS 2.14.x (LTR) in the Fedora 24 repository. After installing it with DNF the problems started… QGIS had some missing dependencies:

  • pyspatialite error
  • PyQt4-webkit error


The starting position:

dnf qgis qgis-grass qgis-python

The first QGIS-startup reported a pyspatialite problem:

ImportError: No module named pyspatialite


  • Getting pyspatialite error eliminated:
    • You have to postinstall some dependencies with DNF
    • Afterwards it is possible to install pyspatialite via Python-PIP  (as sudo !)
dnf -y install gcc redhat-rpm-config python-pip \
    python-devel sqlite-devel proj-devel geos-devel
  CFLAGS=-I/usr/include pip install pyspatialite

Reference to this bug: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1340535

After getting rid of this error, the next one occurred on QGIS-startup (missing PyQT4Webkit):

ImportError: cannot import name QtWebKit


  • Getting rid of PyQT4Webkit error:
    • Install PyQt4-webkit-4.11.4-14.fc24 with DNF

After these manual postinstallation-steps QGIS looks like to work fine. QGIS for F24 packed with missing dependencies ?



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