ArcGIS Pro Geopackage WAL mode error

Normally opening a geopackage in ArcGIS Pro (2.3.0) works fine, but recently I came across a new “nice” error-message: “Underlying DBMS error… gpkg is remote mounted and in WAL-mode“.

History of the geopackage: It was created external with QGIS 3.6 on a notebook (local drive).

Solution number 1 (the just so one) :

Opening the gpkg on the “new infrastructure” with QGIS and export all layers into a new geopackage (e.g. with package layers) directly on the network share. The new geopackage written directly on the network share worked with ArcGIS Pro 🙂

Solution number 2:

After doing some research on WAL (Write Ahead Logging), I came across another working solution which avoids creating a new GPKG-File.

Opening the gpkg with a SQLite editor or Spatiallite-editor like SpatialiteGUI and change the following setting with a SQL command:

PRAGMA journal_mode=DELETE;

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