How to use Garmin Swim with Linux

Sport watches like the Garmin Swim or Forerunner-series are widely used. As a Linux-User, I was facing the “problem” how to get the data on the PC from my Garmin swim (and to GarminConnect) … there are a lot of solutions around on the internet (some very old ones) – the following workflow works fine for me to get the data on the PC and upload it to GarminConnect.

Garmin swim

With the Garmin swim an Ant+ USB-Dongle is delivered, so I just plugged it in and had a look if my system (*ubuntu 16.04.1 Kernel 4.7) recognizes it (with dmesg and lsusb):

$ lsusb |grep Dynas
Bus 003 Device 003: ID 0fcf:1009 Dynastream Innovations, Inc. ANTUSB-m Stick

So, yes it does and for me using openant together with antfs-cli and GarminConnect (Web) works fine:

  • Install openant

    • Install Python Setup Tools:
      sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
    • Download openant Master and unzip it and install it… (details on the openant Git-page):
       sudo python install
  • Load Kernel module

For getting Vendor-ID and Product-ID have a look at lsusb output.

$ sudo modprobe usbserial vendor=0x0fcf product=0x1009
  • Connect and download *.FIT-Files

    antfs-cli --pair

*.fit-Files are downloaded to /home/USER/.config/antfs-cli/xxxxxxxx/

In my case the upload of the *.fit-file in the activities-folder worked fine with GarminConnect.

Upload the FIT-File to GarminConnect…