No Facebook messages/chats with mobile browser ? A detour … :-)

This week Facebook started to block the usage of Facebook messages/chats on mobile devices just with the browser – Facebook forces their “products” (=customers) to use their messenger-App (with all the device-rights this app wants…).

A little detour allows to further use FB messages/chat with your mobile browser 🙂

Facebook forces users to use the messenger App

I tried the mobile Facebook-Webpage ( on my PC and it worked fine – with messages/chat. So it looked like that FB just forces users on mobile devices to use their App. The solution on my mobile was now just a small step. The idea: Mock FB not using a mobile browser :-), so changing the User-Agent may be an idea.

  • Install an user-agent switcher add-on on Firefox mobile
  • Change the user-agent to sth without android/mobile (I just removed android/mobile in the brackets.

    User-agent without any hint using a mobile
  • Visit again – messages/chats work fine


It looks like that it’s not a technical background to force users to use the Messenger App – so why ???

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