Lakka 2.0 – Retro-Gaming

It’s has been a long time since I had time for some useful and useless stuff. So we (isticktoit) found some useless stuff on Heise open: A Linux Retro-Gaming distribution and thought about bringing some old stuff up to ‘waste’ some hours.

4:3 on a FullHD TV and pixels

In this case I tried the new release of the Lakka distribution, which is mostly for Retro/Emulator-Gaming. It contains a lot of emulators from Atari up to PlayStation and Nintendo.

So why now ?  Because with the new release (2.0) they support the Odroid C2 and -> some old childhood memories. On the other side how about the performance of the C2?

standard appearance with some old games

The installation is straight forward and contains everything, from downloading and installing Lakka, to installing ROM’s to the C2. Something you really need is a joypad (game controller) to get the old feelings back. Thanks to my roommate we had two controllers and wasted some hours with laughing and crying by winning and loosing games.

black pixel appearance

To conclude these ‘wasted’ funny hours: The Odroid C2 is well suited for most of the emulators. Every game we tried worked well and why not play some old GameBoy games in FullHD on your TV – just because you can. The most important thing is that you can take your C2 with some controllers to the next party with some childhood friends and then  – well that’s up to you.  (alcohol + old games = fun)