Porn….in ASCII Art

Powerusers do everything through the commandline: Editing text documents, managing files, even viewing web pages with lynx & co. But for watching porn one needs to exit the beloved terminal.

Not anymore! There is now a Shell script for watching ASCIIfied porn! And it even uses the official PornHub (and YouPorn and RedTube and Tube8) json-API!

(How the iSticktoit team came up with that idea? That’s the things we think about)

Screenshots provided by Flo

The seach box and results are displayed in a nerdy dialog tui, communication with the API is handled by curl and a grep regex. To display the video in cvlc (command line VLC) it is ASCIIfied by libcaca (Color AsCii Art).


I quickly hacked together a first prototype in a long night, and have now finished version 1.0, which looks a bit better. I licence the code under the GPL v3.

Download the Code