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Porn….in ASCII Art

Powerusers do everything through the commandline: Editing text documents, managing files, even viewing web pages with lynx & co. But for watching porn one needs to exit the beloved terminal.

Not anymore! There is now a Shell script for watching ASCIIfied porn! And it even uses the official PornHub (and YouPorn and RedTube and Tube8) json-API!


Netflix ohne Silverlight unter Fedora Linux 19 (&20) – HTML5-Player

Netflix funktioniert unter Linux (Fedora 19 & 20) im HTML5-Modus tadellos – das Prinzip lässt sich auch unter Windows anwenden und schont den Akku gegenüber dem Silverlight-Player ! 5 Minuten Arbeit, die sich lohnen !

Das Prinzip:

  • Google Chrome Browser 37+ (aktuelle stable oder Beta/Developer-Release)
  • libnss3 installieren
  • User-Agent-Switcher Add-on für Chrome
  • Netflix-Settings ändern


Kindle: View notes/clippings on your PC

View your notes/clippings on your computer

  • Visit and LogIn
  • Select the book
  • on the right side of screen you will see something like:
    You have 0 highlighted passages
    You have 1 note


The manual way…

  • connect your Kindle to your computer via USB (mass storage)
  • in /documents on your Kindle you will find a file named My_clippings.txt


Amazon Kindle & Linux… and how to remove DRM

Kindle and Linux

There are useful tools around to handle your Amazon Kindle:

  • calibre – a nice piece of software to manage your books (library) on your kindle. This tool also converts and sends books to your device. The all in one solution. It is extremely expendable with Plug-Ins (also for removing DRM)
  • ebook-convert and other commandline-tools (gets installed with calibre)
    example: ebook-convert filename.cbz filename.epub



Removing DRM with Python tool

  1.  What you need: Python on your system – just try „python“ in CLI. If Python is missing in your distro install it – e.g. in Ubuntu by „sudo apt-get install python“
  2. The MobiDeDRM Scripts –
  3. If you buy a book from Amazon you normally get a „Book.azw“-File…
  4. … the next steps:
  • python XXXXXXXXXXX“ where XXXXXXXXXXXX is your 16-character Serial (get your serial from your Kindle Systeminformation – Settings/Device information). The Terminal window will return something like Mobipocked PID for Kindle serial# XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is Z1QFCDQ*74. That “Z1QFCDQ*74” string is what you need.


  • Now all you have to do to remove the DRM from the .AZW file is:
    python Book-Title.azw YourMobiPocketKEY
    In a minute or so you should have a DRM-free MobiPocket book you can later convert in any other format you like. If that doesn’t work, try
    python Book-Title.azw YourMobiPocketKEY


Sources and more information:



Sources for free eBooks

  • Torrent