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DNSCrypt – Improve your privacy

DNS is one of the old timers that keep the internet working. Back when it has been designed privacy wasn’t that much of an issue. Nowadays DNS can leak critical information about the activity of a user. Even tools that should protect the privacy of the user (e.g. VPNs, TOR, … ) can leak DNS queries if not configured correctly. Currently the IEFT works on draft for DNS over Datagram TLS, but if you want to take back your privacy right now, DNSCrypt is at your service.


Lakka 2.0 – Retro-Gaming

It’s has been a long time since I had time for some useful and useless stuff. So we (isticktoit) found some useless stuff on Heise open: A Linux Retro-Gaming distribution and thought about bringing some old stuff up to ‚waste‘ some hours.

4:3 on a FullHD TV and pixels

In this case I tried the new release of the Lakka distribution, which is mostly for Retro/Emulator-Gaming. It contains a lot of emulators from Atari up to PlayStation and Nintendo.


How to use Garmin Swim with Linux

Sport watches like the Garmin Swim or Forerunner-series are widely used. As a Linux-User, I was facing the „problem“ how to get the data on the PC from my Garmin swim (and to GarminConnect) … there are a lot of solutions around on the internet (some very old ones) – the following workflow works fine for me to get the data on the PC and upload it to GarminConnect.

Garmin swim


ArcGIS Pro: CRS-Transformationen mit österreichbezug

Nachdem ArcGIS Pro von ESRI erwachsen wird und sukzessive vermehrt im GIS-Alltag zum Einsatz kommt, anbei ergänzend zur Serie zur Anwendung bestmöglicher Transformationsparameter zwischen dem österreichischen Bundesmeldenetz und WGS84/ETRS89 die Implementierung dieser in ArcGIS Pro (Stand Version 1.3.1).

Transformation EOSG1618 versus NTv2 AT_GIS_GRID - kleiner Unterschied
Transformation EPSG1618 (Position Vector) versus NTv2 AT_GIS_GRID – ein kleiner Unterschied