Using Austrian weather&climate data with QGIS – ZAMG Data Hub

Since the end of october 2021 the meteorological service of Austria (ZAMG) provides datasets for free on the “ZAMG Data Hub“.

In addition to typical meteorological data from weather-stations, also a category with “spatial data” is available – so let’s have a look on the data with QGIS and the NetCDF datasets with timestamps.

Download a dataset

The ZAMG Data Hub provides some interesting spatial meteorological and climate data. In this a case I had look on the heavy snowfalls in the southern part of the Austrian alps in december 2021. The time(period) and bounding-box selection makes it possible to download exactly the data needed. In my case the INCA_L dataset includes the 1-hour sum precipitation.

What you get is a NetCDF dataset with included time-information and it’s worth to have a look on it with QGIS.

QGIS 3.22 and NetCDF with time information

The provided NetCDF dataset has time information included – in the layer properties the option “Temporal” should be enabled.

The precipitation for every hour in the selected period is viewable by enabling the “temporal controller panel” in the QGIS toolbar (… the little clock).

Many Thanks to ZAMG for providing such datasets!