New QGIS 3.14 Temporal data support … it rocks with expressions

QGIS 3.14 supports temporal data out of the box (many, many thanks to Anita Graser and the time manager plug-in in the previous versions of QGIS). The support of expressions within the temporal data settings could be really helpful 🙂

QGIS 3.14 temporal data and expressions

Sometimes the input data could be not really suitable for the temporal data support – in my case the date/time fields are text-fields. So normally I would add a new field and “calculate” the necessary date-field. BUT: QGIS temporal data supports expressions (Start and End date/time from expressions). Thanks to the expressions-support it was possible to use the dataset without all the calculating.

In my case a short


did all the work to view the temporal data within QGIS  and control it with the “Temporal Controller Panel”. Thanks to the QGIS Team for expressions support within the temporal data settings.