My UHK – the long awaited keyboard for hackers (coders)

After years of waiting and many delays, i finally got my UHK (Ultimate Hacking Keyboard) – a crowd funding projekt.

My first impression: it’s awesome. Just split it and place it on the desk like you want it.

The first surprising  thing was the weight of the box. Yes i know that mechanical keyboards are not the lightest ones but for that size, its nice and handy.

I don’t want to bore you with words about the UHK, here are some pictures:

Awesome package and easy to open
Split it and see what it has insight – iron
Nice working keyboard which is almost completely programmable

Finally i can say – it is definitely worth to wait for it. It’s compact and very smooth to type on it.

One thing that I miss, is that the modifiers are not fully customizable and with that I’m unable to define a keyboard design for the Neo2-Layout. But it looks like, that this issue will be fixed very soon.

Thanks for this awesome keyboard. I will code a lot with it.