Android: Netflix with audio only, no video, no app-updates – Nexus 7 CM 13

I didn’t use Netflix for some month on my Nexus 7 tablet with Cyanogenmod 13 (Android 6). A few days ago I wanted to use the netflix app – and what a surprise: films only play with audio, no video. Maybe an update of the app ? Nothing was available and the best… it was not listed anymore in my PlayStore :-/

Next step: Get an apk (from apkmirror) of the actual Netflix-app an install it – the same “picture”, so just audio and no video.

In my case the solution was to disable all color-correction and display-optimization (Settings – Dispay/Live Display; disable live dislay/color corrections)

Why the app disappeared in PlayStore on my Nexus 7 with Cyanogenmod ? I dont know – maybe they don’t like rooted devices with CM…