QGIS 2.8 LTR – GRASS Toolbox error (Ubuntu)

Using the GRASS-commands Toolbox in QGIS 2.8.x LTR on Ubuntu resulted in: “Missing dependency. This algorithm cannot be run 🙁 “. The solution is very simple 🙂


Normally as a Linux User you will have a look if GRASS, QGIS-plugins-grass,… are installed. Yes, in my case everything was fine and GRASS 7.x installed. Searching the web you will find some answers like “QGIS 2.8 is not already working with GRASS 7.x – requires 6.x”. That’s wrong – the solution is quite simple:

In QGIS-menu “Processing – Options” activate GRASS 7 as a provider 🙂 Now there is a GRASS 7 – commands entry in the Processing toolbox.


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